Our flagship Sopra Steria Solution service was created to facilitate the UK visa application service, minimising stress and leaving your clients feeling confident, happy and positive.

Sopra Steria Appointment Assistance

During the biometric and document checking part of your clients journey we ensure that your brand and service is upheld. We provide a premium customer experience to each applicant ensuring that they feel looked after, cared for and confident that their application is being managed by the best.
  • A comprehensive service

    From the moment we contact them to the time we depart your clients experience being unconditionally looked after
  • Resolving issues

    We are on the ground managing any issues that arise
  • Collect & return

    All logistics are managed by us including tracking, transport and handling of all files
  • 57 locations

    We offer our service at all the Sopra Steria centres so we can be where you need us
  • Peace of mind

    You can relax knowing that everything is being taken care of

Police Registration Service

Whether the applicant needs to be there in person or not, we can handle all police registration and updates at the OVRO. Processing on your behalf, to save time and bring you peace of mind.
  • No time wasted

    Applicant only attends when necessary
  • Quick turnaround

    We handle the appointment for a quick turn around
  • Reduce the stress

    We liaise directly with the police
  • Collect & return

    We’ve got this covered too
  • Peace of mind

    All processes managed by us

BRP Collection & Redirection Service

Not a registered BRP delivery point or just want your applicants BRP delivered directly to them? We can help with that, with our BRP Collection and Redirection Service we can collect your applicants BRP from our registered post office and use our couriers to deliver directly the applicant.
  • Easy for your client

    Applicants don’t need to worry about collection
  • Easy for you

    We can return directly to the applicant
  • Simplicity

    You always have a delivery address for your entry clearance application form
  • Saves you time

    We will liaise directly with your applicant if that suits you

Booking & Managing Appointments

Want to remove the hassle of booking and managing UKVI, visa and JCAP appointments? We’ve got that covered too. Our team will organise directly with your client and the booking of their appointments so you don’t have to.
  • More time for you to focus on billable work

    Less administrative work for you and your team
  • Time saving

    We manage rescheduling
  • Integrates well with our PSC Solution service

    We arrange the time with the applicant and can print the Tier 2 forms
  • Less Hassle

    No need to send documents to us for our PSC service. We can print the Tier 2s.

Additional Services

Through lasting partnerships with our clients and providers, we are continually refining our offer to meet your needs. We believe in taking great care of your clients and have a range of additional services to deliver on that promise.
  • British passport renewals

  • Embassy visa applications

  • European passport return service

  • Same-day legalisation at the FCO

“very kind and effective”

Kingsley Napley applicant

“We were very impressed with Jessica and felt very well looked after during the whole process.”

Kingsley Napley applicant

“..also, the agency was really helpful, professional and friendly so it was good to have her there.”

Davidson Moris Solicitors applicant